Mgr. art. Máša Michael - contrabass

He's been playing the contrabass since 1992. He started to study privately with Mgr. Mojmír Valenta, professor of the conservatoire in Teplice, where he acquired good grounding in czech contrabass's school.

1997 - 2003 he studied the conservatoire in Teplice, four years with the professor Mojmír Valenta, the fifth year of his studies he trained in technique of playing after Gary Karr with the professor Martin Suske, the solo contrabass player of the North Czech philharmonic orchestra, and the sixth year with the professor Jan Doskočil, the contrabass player of the North Czech philharmonic orchestra.

During his studies he devoted himself to solo play. The deceased Mr. professor František Pošta set an example to Michael and he is a big inspiration for him. In his repertoire there are compositions not only from the periods of baroque, classicism, romantism, but the work of modern composers e.g. compositions of František Černý, František Simandl, Václav Felix and others.

Nowadays he's finishing his interpretational courses with Tomas Lom, solo contrabass player of the Radio orchestra Stuttgart, and MgA. Petr Ries, the deputy for the concert master of the Czech philharmonic orchestra. In 2010, he studied double bass at the Academy of Ancient Music in Brno with prof. Jana Krigovského and subsequently joined the master's degree to prof. Radoslav Sasina the Performing Arts in Bratislava, which completed in June 2014.


phone number:
+420 737 107 672